The Parochial Church Council is responsible “with the Vicar for the whole mission of the church in the parish”. It has some formal obligations under Church Law, but more importantly, with the Vicar and on behalf of the congregation, shares in the care of the life, mission and work of the church.

At St Mary’s, we have agreed that the work of the PCC is to scrutinise proposals, to decide wisely and prayerfully about key issues, to review the efficacy of projects and initiatives and to champion God’s discerned call to the church community.

The minutes of the most recent PCC meetings at both St Mary’s and Christ Church are shared below. Please contact Revd Hugh Nelson if you want to know more.

PCC Minutes, 7 February 2019

PCC Minutes, 8 November 2018

PCC Minutes 19 May 2019

PCC Minutes, 19 March 2019

Copy of PCC minutes.png
Copy of PCC minutes.png