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The bible that Jesus knew


What we call ‘The Old Testament’ was the only bible that Jesus knew. He quoted it regularly; he fulfilled much that it promised; he understood himself in its light.

This sermon series will take us through the Old Testament in 5 parts, helping us to see how it’s overarching story works, and picking out the key themes that are fulfilled, reinterpreted and understood in Jesus’ life and ministry.

We’ll look at why the Promised Land is such a big deal; what The Covenant means; why God was reluctant to give Israel a Monarchy - and what happened when He did; what the Temple meant to Jews; what the Exile is - and why it matters so much in understanding Jesus.


The dates are as follows


10 June - In the beginning

24 June - Promised Land

1 July - Good Kings, Bad Kings 

8 July - Exile

15 July - Jesus the Jew


We have also produced a pack of resources to accompany the sermon series which you can download here or pick up in church.

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