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We are two church communities in the beautiful Weald of Kent trying to live more like Jesus in the middle of busy lives and a complex world. We would love to meet you as we find out more about God and his love for us.
Harvest Festival 
Autumn is coming, and we will be celebrating its beauty with Harvest Festival services at both St Mary's and Christ Church. 

Half term film 
Every half term we show a film on the big screen in St Mary's. This time round, at 2:00 on Friday 28 October, it will be Zootropolis. All welcome, all free (and there'll be popcorn!)
Any Questions? 

Have you got unanswered questions about God, faith, the church or the bible? Bring them along to this open discussion, and together, we'll look for some answers

Services this Sunday,
25 September
8:00 St Mary's 
BCP Communion 
10:45 St. Mary's
Harvest Festival Holy Communion with Sunday Clubs
 No 9:15 at Christ Church
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What's New
Added: 04.09.2016   |  Tags:  Sermon  Rev Hugh Nelson
Sermon preached at St Mary's on 4 September 2016. Theme: What are you here for?
Added: 15.08.2016   |  Tags:  Sermon  Rev Hugh Nelson
Sermon for 14 August 2016. Theme: Crash!
Added: 09.08.2016   |  Tags:  Sermon  Rev Hugh Nelson
Sermon for 7 August. Theme: Voicing Creations Praise
Added: 02.08.2016   |  Tags:  Sermon  Rev Hugh Nelson
Sermon preached at St Mary's on 31 July 2016. Theme: Don't figure it out too late
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