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St Mary’s, Goudhurst


St Mary's Church, GoudhurstSitting at the top of  Goudhurst looking out over the surrounding countryside, St Mary's church is a landmark that can be seen from miles around. The first record of the church comes from 1119, and the building has grown and been adapted over the years since then.
Today the church is home to a vibrant and growing community of Christians of all ages. Our vision is to be more than just a village church and we offer resources and opportunities for Christians from across the area, including the popular School of Theology and our teenage mental health project, the Weald Family Hub.

A variety of services are held here throughout the week, as well as Cafe Toddlers, when the quiet of the building is broken by the laughter of pre-school children and their parents. 

The church has been around a long time, and we love the beauty of the building that has been entrusted to our care, and which still bears witness to the living God who inspires, challenges and changes people today. 
St Mary's is open between 9:00am and 6:00pm every day, and everyone is welcome to come and make use of this ancient space. As well as the architectural beauty, the church is a place of stillness which many use for personal prayer. The Bedgebury Chapel is a particularly beautiful space, where candles can be lit, and prayer requests written. There are bibles available for personal use throughout the church, as well as a bookstall with books to buy and to borrow. The Tower, which gives incredible views of the Weald of Kent, is open most Saturday and Sunday afternoons between Easter and mid-July.

As the Anglican parish church for Goudhurst and the surrounding countryside, we are here for everyone, and especially for anyone wanting to explore who God is, and those marking significant moments in their life with a baptism, wedding or funeral. And if there's something going on in your life which we might help you with, please get in touch with the Vicar, Rev Hugh Nelson
If you are looking for information about family members who are buried in the graveyard, please contact the Local Historical Society - they have recently produced a plan with details of all the graves and are happy to share information with anyone interested.

Church Office & Vicar - 01580 211739   hugh.nelson@ymail.com