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Project 2 - Fast Feet Forward

Fast Feet Forward - UASC early intervention trauma group

We have worked with the UASC health project to provide running/sports kits for 30 local refugees who attended a series of activity based coaching sessions.

The Fast Feet Forward protocol has been able to support these young people to reduce the level of disturbance they are experiencing as a result of trauma, from when they were in their desperate home country situations and their journey across Europe, and as they go through the immigration process and adapt to living in the UK. It has also enabled the young people to develop positive cognitions about themselves and their relationships.

Here are some of the things the young people have said about the Fast Feet Forward trauma group:

‘It helps me forget bad things and focus on the future’

‘The group helps a lot, it changes everything’

‘What I’ve missed most I have found here. Friendships, being a team, it’s just me and I love it’

‘I think less about bad things – I think about my future now, I talk to friends, go to the gym, walk when I get bad thoughts.

‘I go for a run when upset which helps me to think about the future and helps me to attend and learn in my education’

‘Really positive, it helps me to forget and deal with things better’

This work is continuing to be developed and there are conversations taking place about its use not only in the UK, but in Europe with UASC.

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