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Project 1 - Sleep Packs

Sleep packs

We have worked with The Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC) health project to develop sleep packs - these children have nocturnal sleep patterns as a result of their journey across Europe. This is like a bad case of jet lag and takes some time for their body clocks to reverse and the learnt vigilance to stop, allowing them to develop normal waking/sleeping patterns and to perform better.

The packs form part of the sleep protocols which include:

• Sleep hygiene workshops

• Sleep packs

• Body clock reversal prescriptions

The sleep packs were trialled and developed with the Mustard Seed money and are now being provided to every UASC arriving in Kent via additional charitable funding from other sources. The project work has also been published and is being used right across the UK. 

Click here to  hear the young people tell their story and how the sleep protocol is working.

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