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Lent and Easter

#Let your light shine
Found a stone somewhere around the village?

We've hidden painted stones all around Goudhurst and Kilndown (and perhaps further away too), each one inviting you to 'let your light shine'.
Every day in Lent there will be a different action which you can do to help shine your light in the world and to be part of God's rescue mission.
Today is Day 18:
The #letyourlightshine action for today is:  Look for a space in your community that's uncared for, messy or ugly and consider how you could make it beautiful. Then start to plan to make it happen.
And you can pick up these light shine actions every day on Facebook and Instagram as well

All about Lent
The gospel is God’s rescue mission to bring us from darkness to light. This is the work of Jesus, the light of the world. But Jesus is not the only one called to be light in the world. He turns to his followers and says, ‘You are the light of the world… so let your light shine.’

To witness is to let your light shine. A light shines simply by virtue of being a light. A follower of Jesus witnesses simply by virtue of being a Christian. We have been brought into his light, now he appoints us to bring his light to others. This is what witness is.

The Church of England has written a book of Lent reflections that take you on a journey through the Gospel of John and give you an opportunity to explore what the gift and challenge of Jesus mean for you, in the context of your daily life. You can pick up a copy of the book in church or download the free app - go to your app store and search for 'Live Lent'.

Lent gives us 40 days to prepare for Easter, the day that we see Jesus, the light of the world, deal once and for all with the darkness of the world and of human hearts. We've got lots of ways to make the best use of those 40 days and this leaflet has all the details.

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