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Diocesan Day of Prayer

On Friday 17th and Saturday 18th November Bishop Trevor has called the whole Diocese to a time of prayer and fasting. The focus of the day is prayer for the renewal of the church in the Diocese of Canterbury, as new projects are launched to share God's love with those on the edge of society and with young people. These vision for this new plan is captured in the phrase 'Changed lives > Changing lives' and you can read more about the plans in a sermon Revd Hugh preached here
Bishop Trevor has called us to pray and to fast. Fasting is an ancient part of the Christian tradition, and in the bible is associated with times when the community is seeking God's will and in times of earnest prayer. You are therefore invited to fast from 12:30pm on Friday 17th until 12:30pm on Saturday 18th November.

Traditionally fasting means abstaining from food, and that remains a profoundly powerful way of emptying ourselves of our own needs, in order to be filled by God. If fasting from food isn't appropriate for you - for whatever reason - you can also fast from something else that you rely on; social media, your phone or using your car. It just needs to be something that will challenge you to rely on God. You can find out more about fasting here
On 18 November there is a big Diocesan gathering in Faversham, when all our prayers will be gathered together. We are hosting a satellite prayer event in St Mary's, Goudhurst. The timetable is as follows. There will be a brief pause between each half hour section, so please feel free to come for as much or as little as works for you. 
11:00    Welcome and introduction to the Diocesan plans for renewal
             Video message from Bishop Trevor
             Discussion about the plans
             Sharing of the experience of prayer and fasting so far
11:30     A time of open prayer based on Acts 10 and on prayer for the ministry of the church in this Diocese
12:00     A simple communion service including a short video talk from Bishop Trevor
Church Office & Vicar - 01580 211739   hugh.nelson@ymail.com