Revd Hugh Nelson
Vicar, GK Church

Hugh’s job is to oversee the vision and life of the church community, to call people to their God given ministry and to lead the teaching and worship of the church.

Hugh is married to Lizzie, and they have 4 children. Hugh loves cricket, his garden, talking about God and good coffee.


Caroline Turvey
Lay Minister

Caroline is responsible for everything to do with children, young people and families, including Sunday groups, Blend and our work with local schools.

Caroline, also known as Caz, loves being with her family, going for a good walk, a spot of gardening or loud worship to unwind.


Becky Addis
Church Administrator

Becky's job is to keep the church community well run and organised. Contact Becky for information about weddings, baptisms, church services or anything to do with the day to day life of the church. 

Becky loves God, chatting to people and running. 


Ali Williams
Church Warden, St Mary's

Ali is part of the leadership team at St Mary’s, which has responsibility for looking after the overall direction of the church community. She is also responsible for Connect and leads on issues relating to the church building.

She doesn't like having her picture on websites like this! 


Simon Taurins
Church Warden, St Mary's

Simon is part of the leadership team of St Mary's, with responsibility for our direction and strategy. He has a particular care for preaching and teaching.

Simon works in finance and travels constantly. He has a large family and his wife Katie is actively involved in the life of the church, especially in pastoral care.

David Denton
Church Warden, Christ Church

David knows more about Christ Church and its history than anyone else. As a Church Warden, he shares responsibility for the overall vision and direction of Christ Church. As organist he is responsible for the music. As David, he does a thousand other things which make our life better.

Andrea Kirkby
Safeguarding Coordinator, GK Church

Andrea is the Safeguarding Coordinator. She works with the church safeguarding team to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children, young people and vulnerable adults, something we take extremely seriously. Find out more here.

Her garden has one of the best views in Kent.

Huthrie Copplestone
Small Groups Coordinator, GK Church

Huthrie is responsible for all our Small Groups and for making sure everyone who wants to join a group can do so.

Claire Cooke
Prayer Ministry Coordinator, St Mary's

Claire looks after our Prayer team, who are available in St Mary’s on Sundays to pray with anyone and everyone.

Dave Lodge
Treasurer, St Mary's

Dave is responsible for the finances of St Mary’s, making sure that we steward our resources well and that our accounts are in order.

He also plays the trumpet rather well.

Josie Parsley
Comms Officer, GK Church

Josie looks after the various ways we let everyone know what’s going on in and around the church community, in particular all our social media.