GK Children on Sundays

Children and young people are at the very heart of the church community. We take them and their faith seriously and we are absolutely committed to doing all we can to help them grow a deep and lasting faith.We also know that young people have lots to teach adults about God, wisdom and faith, and that they, like everyone else, have gifts to share.

In a complex world, belonging to a strong and supportive community that has God at the centre, takes young people seriously and supports them to grow in faith, is a crucial part of a good childhood.

Children, teenagers and their families are a priority for us at GK Church. Young people are not the future of the church, they are the church today, and we want to support them to grow in faith, love and hope to their fullest capacity. At the heart of our work with young people are our Sunday groups. There are 5 groups for different ages which meet every Sunday in various locations around the village while the adults are in church.

For more information about Sunday groups contact Caroline Turvey on 01580 211739 or at caroline.turvey@gkchurch.org

We know that trying something out for the first time, or joining a new group, can be daunting, so if you or your child would like to meet up beforehand, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We take Safeguarding very seriously and each group is led by adults who have been fully DBS checked. You are welcome to come and meet the leaders before your children join a group. There’s more information about each group below.


Years 9-13 : Meets in The Vicarage from 10:15

Explorers is for teens in years 9 to 13. We meet from 10:15 on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays of the month. On the 1st Sunday we are all involved with the service in church. We meet in The Vicarage, which is down the drive that runs between the playground and the playing field on the bend of Back Lane. We share breakfast together with time for chat and catching up on news, then a mix of discussion, bible, debate, games, ideas, thinking about life and the world, seeing where that can lead us, and time for prayer.


Years 7-8 : Meets in the upstairs room at The Vine from 10:30

Pioneers is for young people at Secondary School in years 7 and 8. We meet upstairs in The Vine (which is in the middle of the village) to think about how God can make a difference to our lives in a exciting and complicated world. We are currently using Youth For Christ ‘Lumen’ material which is fun, age-appropriate and challenging for this group.


Years 3 - 6 : Meets in the Village Hall from 10:30

This is the place where first encounters with God are happening each week. There is a real buzz in this gropup with interactive sessions looking at great bible passages, re-enacting them (they love the drama), playing games which relate to them and thinking about how we can do things differently in the week ahead. We meet in the Village Hall from 10.30am.


Years R - 2 : Meets in the Church Rooms from 10:30

We meet in the Church Rooms by the playground from 10.30am. This group is for children from Reception to year 2. The group helps children to explore what faith can mean to them at their age through play, wondering, story, craft and activities. This is a great place to start building friendships which will continue as they grow up in the church community.


Pre-School : Meets in the Children’s Chapel in Church

We love Scramblers. They are our pre-school children who come with smiles a-plenty, matched by our enthusiastic team of leaders who help them think about a bible story, settle them into church community life and give them confidence in being independent from their parents in a friendly and safe place. This group meets in the Children’s Room, which is in the church, so parents can be close at hand for their little ones.