Sunday church is great, but we know that the vast majority (probably about 95% of those living in our villages) will never come along. However brilliant the music, inspiring the preaching or tasty the coffee, Sunday church won't work for most people.

But that doesn't mean people aren't interested in God, the bible, prayer or faith. Our challenge is to find new ways of sharing the possibility of faith with people who won't ever come to church.

The Weald Greenhouse is designed to help Christians to grow in confidence in sharing faith with their friends, neighbours and communities, with the possibility that those conversations might lead to a new community growing - and if that community prays , explores the bible and seeks God's kingdom together - it might end up looking like a new kind of church.

The Weald Greenhouse is therefore for anyone and everyone living in the Weald villages who wants to find out more about how to sow the seeds of faith, to nurture and tend new believers and how to enable new worshipping communities grow, flourish and bear fruit. The Weald Greenhouse isn't for experts, vicars or Christian heroes - it's for ordinary Christians, who are ready to try something new for God.

The Greenhouse launches on Thursday 28 November and you would be very welcome to join us. We’ll spend time praying together and then hear about how Greenhouse will work and what it will offer. Let us know you’re coming by filling in the form here, or contact Hugh Nelson to find out more

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