It is clear that God’s glorious and beautiful creation is under threat. Climate change is real, and its impact is already with us. Over the next decade that impact will become more and more serious, affecting all life - and especially the poorest and most vulnerable communities around the world.

In the book of Genesis, God creates the world, declares that it is good and entrusts it to humanity to be stewards who are to care for it on God’s behalf for the benefit of all life. Climate change is the result of our failure, as a whole species, to live up to this great calling.

We are in the early stages at GK Church of getting our own house in order. Using the Eco-church scheme, designed by A Rocha, a wonderful Christian environmental charity, we are beginning to audit our impact on the environment and develop a plan that puts into practice our call to be stewards of God’s good world.

In October, a sermon series - Stewards of God’s Good Creation - will explore what the bible says about creation, what science says about the current crisis, based on the excellent book Planetwise by Dave Bookless, and offer practical lifestyle tips for limiting our impact on God’s good creation.

Stewards of creation.png

Stewards of God’s Good Creation

6 October - What the bible tells us, Jack Wakefield (TearFund)

13 October - Discipleship as Stewards, Rev Hugh Nelson

20 October - Worship as Stewards, Wes Hinsley

27 October - Lifestyle as Stewards, Lizzie Nelson

3 November - Mission as Stewards, Ven Stephen Taylor