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Weekly Services

We have a range of different services in St Mary's and Christ Church, all of which are open to everyone. If you are thinking of coming to a service for the first time, come exactly as you are. You don't have to wear special clothes, or behave in a special way - just be yourself.  
If you're coming to Christ Church, there is parking in the street outside the church. For St Mary's, there is limited parking in Back Lane, alongside the church, but plenty of space on the Glebe Field, which is the large playing field on the left hand side before the church when coming from Cranbrook. There is a map here. The Glebe Field is open every Sunday morning and for major services on other days.

This is a taste of what the services are like:
Holy Communion at Goudhurst Church
Sunday, 8:00, St Mary's
BCP Holy Communion
An early morning communion service using traditional language. There are no hymns, and there is a short sermon or talk. The service takes 40 minutes and is a reflective and dignified way to begin Sunday.

Sunday, 9:15, Christ Church
Holy Communion
Christ Church is a village church, and this service is welcoming and friendly. We sing 4 hymns and there is a sermon or talk usually based on 2 or 3 passages from the Bible. The service feels quiet, holy and reverent and includes communion. There is a small play area for children, who are very welcome. The service lasts about an hour. 
Sunday 10:45, St Mary's
Holy Communion
Our 10:45 service is our biggest service. There are usually between 90-110 adults, and 40-50 children. Sunday Club runs 5 groups for children aged 0-16. These take place in buildings outside the church. There is a creche for pre-school children in church.
The service is 'informally formal', relaxed in feel and with a big warm welcome, but with lots of times for silence and prayer.  

The service includes 3 songs or hymns, which are a mixture of modern and traditional. Sometimes, the music is led by the choir with the organ and on other Sundays by the band. On the the second Sunday of the month our informal choir is a chance for anyone who enjoys singing to join in. 

The service is always friendly and welcoming. It includes a sermon, based on passages read from the bible, prayers and communion. Anyone who has been baptised is welcome to take communion, and everyone else is invited to come to the altar for a simple prayer. The service lasts about an hour and a quarter and there's always coffee afterwards, and the time to hang out and talk together is also important. 
Once a month, on the first Sunday, there is no communion and the teenagers stay in church with us instead of going to their groups. The first Sunday always begins with something tasty to eat and drink from 10:15.
Thursday 10:00am, St Mary's
BCP Holy Communion
This mid-week communion offers a chance to pause in the middle of busy lives and to meet with God. It is a simple service, usually with 5-12 people and uses traditional language. There are no hymns and no sermon. It lasts 30 minutes.
2nd Sunday of the month, 5:00pm, St Mary's
The 5 O'clock
This service is led by the band and is very informal. It is a time for encounter with God in worship and prayer. There is always time to sing together, some kind of talk - which might be an interview with someone about their faith, or a talk about bible passage or a story about something important that has happened with God recently.  It takes an hour. There are no groups for children, but they are very welcome to come along and to hang out. 
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