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Can we pray for you?
  • It might be that you'd like us to pray for something that's difficult in your life;
  • Maybe we can pray for a difficult decision you have to make;
  • Perhaps someone you know is having a hard time, or is unwell, or is finding life tough;
  • Or anything else, big or small.
We commit to praying for whatever you ask us to pray for, confident that God will hear those prayers and that something will change as a result. 
You can tell us as much or as little as you'd like. Anything you do tell us will be only be seen by our prayer team and will be kept confidential to them.
And if you would like to talk to someone, or for them to pray with you personally, please let us know and we'd be very happy to arrange that.

You can send your prayer requests to prayer@gkchurch.org or call the Church Office on 01580 211739 or put a note into the boxes at the back of St Mary's in Goudhurst and Christ Church in Kilndown. 
Church Office & Vicar - 01580 211739   hugh.nelson@ymail.com