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Advent & Christmas

Advent and Christmas is the best and the worst time of year. For many people it is full of happy memories, time with loved ones, family traditions and the pleasure of giving and receiving presents. But it's also a time of stress, worry about money, putting up with difficult relationships and trying to fit everything in, when there just isn't enough time.

We would love to help you have the very best Advent and Christmas this year. With that in mind we have a range of different things to offer.
If you would like help to stop and slow down, we have written reflections for you to use in your own prayers in Advent - one for each week. They're based on the clothing worn by the characters in the Christmas story - from the royal robes of the Kings to the bright light of the angels. The reflections are on a specially designed website, which you can see below, or find by clicking here. We'll also be sending a link to them in our weekly email, which goes out every Wednesday and which you can sign up to here.
If you would like a chance to enter the story of Christmas, we've got a whole range of services, from the beauty of the traditional Nine Lessons and Carols Service, to the family fun of the Nativity Service on Christmas Eve to the happy buzz of a Christmas Day service. You can find out about all our services here
If you want to do something practical that challenges the consumerism and hype of Christmas, and gets you back to the real meaning of Christmas, when a fragile baby was born into poverty, then take up the Bible Society's Advent Challenge - which encourages you to do small, practical act of kindness each day of Advent. 

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